Plastic tubes (PE)

Flexible plastic tubes (PE) with diam. from 13,5 mm to 56 mm.


Capacities up to 350 ml


Diferent types of lids and finish: screw neck, cannulas, etc.


Hole diameters from 1 mm to 9 mm.

- Offset printing in up to 6 colours.

- Silk-printing in up to 5 colours.

- Hot Stamping



PE plastic tubes

Flexible plastic tubes (PE)

Tubes with different finish, monodose caps, cannulas, etc...

Laminated tubes

Laminated tubes with aluminium or EVOH with diam.  from 22 mm to 40 mm.


Capacities up to 175 ml


Different types of lids.


Different tube hole diameters.


4-c-process printing or direct colours.







Laminated tubes